50 things that make me happy...

50 things that make me happy...

50 things that make me happy...I've noticed that at the moment a lot of bloggers are posting 50 things that make them happy.  The last couple of weeks I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps with various things, so it got me thinking about the positives in my life... and I suddenly got perspective. Even when things are a bit flat there is always more things to smile about!

So radio on (aptly with 80s power ballads blasting out!), cuppa team and here goes. 50 things that make me happy...

1. My husband - he makes me laugh every single day, and gives the best cwtches
2. My cat and his big personality
3. My wonderfully supportive family
4. Photos of my beautiful new born niece
5. My friends - all of them - old, new, work colleagues, uni crowd and of course my long term childhood bestie.  They all rock in my world.
6. Sunshine
7. Musicals! Naturally...
8. Killer heels
9. Live music
10. Good customer feedback
11. New york, new york
12. Holidays and exploring new places
13. Raspberries
14. Mary Poppins
15. George Michael
16. Prosecco
17. Shopping!!
18. Sparkles 
19. Hydrangeas - they always make me think of my Grandma
20. Wales - from the hills to the coast, I live in a beautiful country
21. Cwtching by an open fire
22. My birthday
23. Daffodils
24. Singing loudly in the car
25. Socialising with friends
26. Nonna's homemade cooking
27. Getting into a freshly made bed
28. Marketing - it might be a job but I love it!
29. Eating out
30. Cuties!
31. Disney animations - and singing along
32. Candles
33. Paddling in the sea
34. Friends - the TV show
35. Being pampered
36. Getting a bargain 
37. Looking at old photos
38. Rainbows
39. Cocktails
40. Dancing like an idiot
41. A good cuppa tea
42. Penguins
43. Stereophonics
44. Feeling organised
45. Playing board games
46. Playing my flute or the piano (badly these days!)
47. Gripping movies
48. Achievement
49. Driving along the Italian Almalfi Coast
50. Finishing a job well done

I could have kept going once I got started.  Let me know what makes you happy in the comments?

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