Make money while shopping

Make money while shopping!

Make money while shopping with QuidcoAs you know I'm always on the scout for a bargain. I'll spend hours shopping around for the right item, and the best price. Whether it is a new pair of winter boots, insurance or holiday shopping I'm not happy unless I feel like I've got a top deal. So you can imagine my excitement back in 2013 when I discovered a website that allowed me to earn money simply by shopping via them!

Enter Quidco! If you are someone who regularly shops online then you need to check this website out. Since I signed up I have earnt over £1500 literally by using the website as a portal to get to the companies I was going to buy from anyway. They have loads of retailers signed up... holiday websites, high street stores, florists, insurance brokers, even grocery shopping offers. i've earnt anything from 20p cashback on a Dominos through to £200 on a trip to New York - it all adds up!

How it works is Quidco, much like other affiliate schemes, negotiate a commission for any referals that go via their website, However, instead of maintaining this fee purely for themselves they share this with you so you get cashback on the items you buy too. This can be paid into your bank, via paypal or as an amazon voucher and you can choose to receive it as you earn, or I wait until there is £50 or so adding up and withdraw it to buy a treat!

Simple right? It's free to sign up (or you can upgrade to the premium membership for £5 to get higher commission), and once you get into the habit of buying via the website it soon adds up. Money for nothing... can't grumble with that!

For more information or to sign up visit the Quidco website here.

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