White 90s Spice Girls inspired platform shoes

A shopafrolic in the making

White 90s Spice Girls inspired platform shoesWhen I was younger I was a tomboy.  I can't be sure but it probably stemmed from the frilly over the top dresses Mum put me in as a baby (she still insists that it was the fashion back in the 80s!).  Whatever the reason, I simply was much more comfortable in an oversized football or rugby shirt and a pair of trainers than a dress.

Around my 14th birthday this all changed.  Dad gave me some money and offered to take me shopping. Although I spent days thumbing through magazines deciding what I wanted to buy, to Dad's surprise I didn't want to go into town on my birthday.  You see, I was born 3 days before Christmas so had worked out that if I waited just a few days I could hit the sales... and seek out bargains! I came home from that shopping trip with skirts, dresses and the best pair of patent white Spice Girls' style platform heels.  

Years later my Grandma told me that I inherited the shopaholic gene from her, and thinking back I do have lots of fond moments of shopping with her (in her favourite store M&S of course).  I used to tease her because she couldn't believe the bargains I would manage to find!  Well my theory was, and still is, if you get the dress in the sale you can have the shoes and bag to match.  

This is probably why I launched Shopafrolics.  I now get to source wholesalers for fabulous items and then scour the internet trying to find if its great value.. there's no greater thrill than discovering it's a bargain and you'll only see it on the website if I believe it is.  

As for my own wardrobe, these days you won't see me leaving the house without a pair of heels on, even if its going to the stadium to catch football - afterall even a tomboy needs to look the part :) 

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