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Beautiful creations by Catherine Gray Origami

Catherine Gray OrigamiSince starting Shopafrolics I've found myself shopping small and local more and more. Maybe it's the new found appreciation of the love and hard work that goes into these businesses, or perhaps it is just that I'm exposing myself to more through my constant networking. This is how I came across the wonderful Catherine Gray Origami who's extra special items I just had to share.

It all started with my Theo Paphitis #SBS win back in January. Catherine quickly welcomed me into the fold - she was so supportive and approachable and we now regularly chat across the social networks. Time after time I found myself admiring her lovely makes, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be making a purchase.

Then she got me! Catherine shared the loveliest little dragon on Instagram - I'm Welsh so I had to have him right? So I popped in an order for a lovely red one (who I've since named Idris!) and a friendship angel in purple for my best friend. When the items arrived I absolutely loved them. I was in awe at the intricate detail - each of them had clearly been made with great skill and care.

Catherine Gray OrigamiWhat struck me most though was the paper. Years of working in marketing makes you a complete paper geek but I'll be honest I'd only ever seen origami paper planes and flowers which were done with copier paper. Catherine's items are made with a thick paper which is so high quality it looks and feels like material. I've since learnt it's called Lokta, which is Fair Trade and made from the Daphne (which has to be special as it's the name of both my beautiful niece, and late Grandma!) plant which grows above 2000 metres in the Himalayan foothills. How impressive is that?

Catherine Gray Origami items really are wonderful so I really would urge you to take a look for yourself. You can follow Catherine on twitterfacebook or instagram or to shop visit

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