It's our first birthday!

It's our first birthday!

First birthday balloonSo here we are, the year has flown and I'm ecstatic to be celebrating Shopafrolics' 1st Birthday this weekend, on 1 November. When I was looking for my next project post wedding last year, Shopafrolics was born and I had no idea where the journey would take me. 

I can honestly say it's been a good year! There have been some frustrations and days when I have wanted to jack it all in (usually related to eBay policies or twitter politics!), but there has equally been days of pride and achievement. I've won awards for my networking, received great feedback and had a lot of fun and frolics (couldn't resist!) while doing it.

It even reminded me, why I chose a career in marketing. At a time when my confidence in my own skills and ability was dwindling. I had to just jump back in, do what I do best, trust my gut and run with my ideas. I think I've done all of those things well but what I'm most proud of is keeping true to what I believe makes a good brand, engaging with my customers and hopefully giving you impeccable customer service. Having worked my customers and hopefully giving you impeccable customer service. Having worked my entire 'day job' career in marketing, all to often I've been frustrated when the company I've been working for has lost sight of what actually matters - the customer! You're at the heart of my decisions, so, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who has purchased an item, encouraged me on social networks or left me a review. Without this support, and faith in me, ShopafroIics wouldn't be here today. 

It's also only fair to mention that without the inspiration and support of other like-minded small businesses the growth of Shopafrolics would have been impossible. There are too many of you to list here but you'll know who you are!  I will remain forever grateful and reciprocol of your amazing support.

So, with all that said I'll be running a 15% discount across everything on the website from Friday through to Monday inclusive as a 1st birthday celebration.  It's my way of showing you my gratitude so go on treat yourself, or get some Christmas presents sorted early!

Thank you from the bottom of my Shopafrolic heart.
With best wishes, Martina x 

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