Millie the Cutie by MadebySteffieB

The adventures of Millie the Cutie

I have a new little friend, a cutie called Millie.  Millie was handmade with love by MadebySteffieB and since her arrival at Shopafrolics HQ a couple of months ago has been helping me with marketing.  She is also very good at helping me choose upcoming stock too!

Here she share's some of the things she's been up to so far... 

Millie the Cutie


Becky Bloomwood is Martina's hero so I have been learning all about her.  
It's market research!

Millie the Cutie


These are Martina's favourite shoes... I love wearing them too!


Millie the Cutie

We like to go shopping in Cardiff together - it inspires us when we're choosing stock.

Millie the Cutie

I need help with all the bags though as they are usually full and overflowing!

Millie the Cutie

I love it when I'm allowed to help with choosing the new stock
(and I sometimes try it on when no one is looking!) 

Millie the Cutie

I also like to help with packaging. Purple is my favourite colour.

Millie the Cutie with Jess 

This is my new best friend, Jess.
He's the master of the house!

Millie was handmade by MadebySteffieb, and along with the other cuties, is helping her save up for IVF treatment, and the dream of becoming a mother.  If you would like to adopt a cutie of your own, or want to follow SteffieB's story please show your support by visiting the website.  You can also follow her on twitter, instagram and facebook

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