WOW - we're a winner!

WOW So last Wednesday, 13 January 2016 was panning out to be quite a normal day, the day job was crazy manic as usual and I'd hardly had time to think. I was planning on heading home to do some tinkering on the Shopafrolics website and a relaxing cuppa tea when a message came through on my mobile.

WOW, you're a winner...!

Now for many of you who run your own small business you'll know how exciting this is. This text was telling me that I had been chosen by esteemed business woman Jacqueline Gold CBE as one of her #WOW business winners.Jacqueline Gold

Every Wednesday between 1- 3pm, Jacqueline, the chief executive of businesses including Knickerbox and Ann Summers invites female entrepreneurs to tweet her their business with an explanation why they are wow. She chooses her favourite three to become #WOW winners.

So, with the attitude that I had nothing to lose, I did just that and sent the following tweet accompanied by an image of one of my products for good measure.

"Shopafrolics by name and nature - offering fabulous fashion clothing and accessories for less" @Shopafrolics

When I heard the news I had won I couldn't really believe it.  There are 100s of entries evey week and I could barely believe I had stood out from the crowd.  But here I am a #WOW business winner with a shiny badge that represents Jacqueline's endorsement to show for it.

I've had so many messages of congratulations and support since the win that I've been overwhelmed.  Thank you so much to everyone for believing in me.  It's made me more determine than ever to keep working hard at Shopafrolics (after all, it is funding my shopping habits!)

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